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    It Is the Heat and the Humidity

    For the last few months, IUEMC has been sharing information about warm weather storms with winds, lightning, hail, and tornadoes. And we've had quite a few of them. As of today, May 31, the National Weather Service has counted 48 tornado reports for Indiana in 2011. Compared to other states, we've been quite lucky this year.

    But as we move from May to June, the greatest weather danger in Indiana is already being felt. It's not warm weather storms that kill the most Hoosiers, it is warm -- or more accurately hot -- weather itself that kills the most.Across the nation, heat kills an average of 162 people every year. In a 1995 heat wave, more than 700 deaths in Chicago alone were attributed to heat.

    But every year it gets hot, so the gut instinct is to say, "Well, it's hot, so what?" Heat is something to take seriously. It isn't something that shows up on radar that will hit in the next 30 minutes, it's just there, all around us. We're not going to activate IU-Notify at 2am to wake you up and let you know how hot it will be, but we will update our F