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    Operation Stormy Weather

    With spring around the corner and the threat of severe weather upon us, Indiana University campuses will participate in a statewide tornado drill on Wednesday, March 21, as part of Indiana's Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 18 to 24.

    Each campus will activate a Tornado Warning Test Drill using IU-Notify, the university's emergency notification system, between 10 and 10:30 a.m. for the first test and between 7:30 and 8 p.m. for the second, both coinciding with the statewide drill. Test messages will be sent to IU faculty, staff and students across the state via email, text message (SMS), social media, digital signage, campus cable TV and website updates.

    This test of IU-Notify is part of "Operation Stormy Weather," a university campaign to raise awareness of preparedness and safety procedures during severe weather season. The campaign was created to reach IU communities since this is the first time in recent years that no IU campus is on spring break during the state's Severe Weather Awareness Week.

    Past tests have shown that phone calls generally are not a timely way to alert people to a tornado, so they will not be part of this test. In the event of an actual tornado, "all clear" messages would be sent when the situation merits; however, since this is a test, no "all clear" messages will be sent. The test message will be clearly marked as a drill, and university websites will alert campus communities in advance of what to expect.

    Because the tests are statewide, alerts also will be broadcast on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio and local media. The outdoor warning sirens and public address systems also will be tested at both times.

    "Operation Stormy Weather" is designed to encourage faculty, staff and students to be prepared for the downside of spring: tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, which can include damaging winds, hail, lightning and flooding.

    All members of the IU community should review severe weather communications and shelter plans for their respective buildings before the test on March 21. All members of the IU community are expected