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    January is Data Privacy Month!

    It's a new year - a perfect time to make some resolutions to better protect your privacy, and that of those whose personal information you collect, store, and use at work. January is Data Privacy Month, with January 28 being celebrated around the world as International Data Privacy Day!

    Here are some ways to refresh your knowledge about privacy-aware business and consumer practices this month:

    1) Watch one or more of the IU Data Privacy Month webinars!

    • Are You Smarter Than Your Phone? Launch of Data Privacy Month in Higher Education
    • Scalable Privacy: An NSTIC Grant for the Identity Ecosystem
    • Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself
    • Mobile Device Security
    • It's Not Just Facebook! - What Every College Student Should Know About Online Privacy

    2) Come in person to learn about identity theft, and mobile device security!

    On Data Privacy Day - Monday, January 28th - come to the IUPUI Campus Center for a special presentation by Lyman "Chuck" Taylor, III, Section Chief, Consumer Mediation and Identity Theft Unit, Office of the Indiana Attorney General, about Identity Theft, followed by advice from Eric Cosens of IU on Mobile Device Security. Bring your brown bag lunch (or purchase lunch at the Campus Center Food Court) and join us! For more information, visit IU's Data Privacy Month/Day web site.

    3) Follow privacy tweets via Twitter

    I'm going to make a concerted effort during January to tweet every business day with tips and hints on protecting both your privacy, and the privacy of those whose data you handle at work. To follow, click on icon in the Twitter Feed box on the bottom right side of pages in the Privacy section of the web site. Or, find me @MerriBethatIU.

    4) Subscribe via RSS to The Privacy Blog

    Blogs are less frequent than tweets, but more detailed information is provided. To subscribe, click on the icon on the top right side of pages in the Privacy section of the web site.

    5) Browse the Privacy section of the web site

    While you're there, use the menus on the left to check out the IU Information Security and Privacy Program, learn about privacy harms and the privacy principles you can use to address those harms, review privacy policies at IU, familiarize yourself with the IU Web Site Privacy Notice Generator, and/or watch an online presentation on Instructional Use of Social Media.

    As always, please contact us with any questions, concerns, compliments, or suggestions, at

    Happy Data Privacy Month!

    Merri Beth Lavagnino is IU's Chief Risk Officer

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