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    Posters for Promoting Privacy

    You, too, can help promote privacy awareness during Data Privacy Month! Consider downloading, printing, and distributing these free posters. They are good examples of simple and attractive awareness material that helps promote privacy-aware (and secure) information handling practices.

    Please feel free to print them out and post them in prominent locations, distribute them in mailboxes, or use in other creative ways!

    The following posters are provided for Indiana University internal use only, by MediaPro, as part of Data Privacy Day

    For use only in the pursuit of Indiana University's mission, please. Use your active IU credentials to login and download the posters.

    Private Info:

    ID Theft:

    Data Security:

    The following posters are provided to the public by Stop. Think. Connect.

    back up my digital life.pdf437.89 KB
    do my part to fight cybercrime.pdf444.17 KB
    post about others only what post about me.pdf438.58 KB
    own my online presence.pdf447.98 KB
    keep all my software up to date.pdf440.87 KB
    careful about wireless networks and hotspots.pdf463.81 KB
    when in doubt throw it out.pdf445.15 KB

    Merri Beth Lavagnino is IU's Chief Risk Officer