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    Preparedness Means Wearing Pants

    It's cold, colder than it's been in a while. This morning, every campus is experiencing temps in the teens, or colder, something that hasn't happened since the winter of 2010/11. Back then, Iron Man and The Hulk were the only Avengers to have movies, then-Governor Mitch Daniels was still contemplating a run for president of the nation, and having winter skip a year seemed just a pipe dream. So, not that far back at all, really.

    So why do I keep seeing people in shorts, leggings, and mini-skirts on our campuses? I can only assume it's an act of youthful rebellion, displaying indifference to the elements as a proof of strength. But what it really is is short-sighted, foolhardy, and of no actual benefit to anyone.

    Working in emergency management for IU for four years now, I've learned a lo