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    Storm Spotter 2013

    March 1 is the first day of "meteorological spring". For IUEMC that means it's Storm Spotter season! With a class at IUPUI on March 19, let's talk about weather some more.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) offers, as part of the SKYWARN program, Storm Spotter classes across the country every year, mostly in the spring but some in the fall. We're promoting a class at IUPUI, IUB had one on March 1, and other campuses have held classes in the past. We do hope to have more across the state in the future. These classes are about two hours long, covering what you need to know to look at a cloud and determine if it's just rain, maybe hail, or maybe about to turn into a tornado. They also go into how to read radar, especially