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  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the Beyond the Badge 5k

    Some of the IUPD participants.Thanks to everyone who participated in the Beyond the Badge 5k.

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  • Don’t become another phish story!

    You get an email that appears to come from IU. They sound like they really need your passphrase, and right away. They’d sent the email so quickly that it’s riddled with spelling errors. You reply with your passphrase without delay.

    It all looked so legitimate. Except it was not.  What was wrong with it? There are several “tells” that should raise suspicions. First and foremost, they’re asking for your passphrase. IU will never ask for your passphrase or login credentials via email or phone. Second, they need it now, now, now! And third, the misspellings are a dead giveaway.

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  • Campus Life: 'It’s about getting to know each other so that mutual respect can happen'

    Children enrolled at IU Northwest’s Youth Citizens’ Police Academy this summer learned about bicycle and water safety, the K-9 unit, SWAT teams and juvenile justice.

    The two-week camp also broached topics dealing such as self-esteem, gang violence, bullying and drugs.

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  • Apple’s Fingerprint ID may mean you can’t ‘Take the Fifth’

    Planning on purchasing a new iPhone 5s? Perhaps think twice about enabling the new fingerprint authentication offered by the device and iOS 7. And this time, it's not the hackers you should keep a lookout for.

    From Wired magazine:

    "There’s a lot of talk around biometric authentication since Apple introduced its newest iPhone, which will let users unlock their device with a fingerprint. Given Apple’s industry-leading position, it’s probably not a far stretch to expect this kind of authentication to take off. Some even argue that Apple’s move is a death knell for authenticators based on what a user knows (like passwords and PIN numbers).

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  • Mobile Device Security Shakedown PT.1 iPhone

    The Apple iPhone is, arguably, the most popular and recognizable icon of the smartphone industry. If you’ve never owned one, chances are you have seen one or dreamt of the care-free life depicted in every iPhone commercial. While smartphones have brought to our fingertips the vast knowledge contained in the Universe and video of your buddy’s newest kittens in costumes, these devices are also a repository for some of our most valuable information.

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  • IU Police Department Indianapolis offers traffic safety tips

    With the addition of new student housing and cafeterias at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis as well as academic classrooms, all of which are located in the Tower and Hine Hall, pedestrian traffic is expected to be much heavier than in previous years. Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians all play a part in traffic safety. Below are a few tips to keep everyone safe as they navigate their way through campus.
    Drivers need to:
    •    Slow down and obey the posted speed limit.

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  • So, here is more emphasis: throw a Lifeline!

    Keeping our students safe is one of the Indiana University’s most important priorities.

    But building a protected community starts at the peer level, student-to-student. All too often, students are reluctant to make the call for help when they or their friends have been consuming alcohol illegally or to excess and someone gets in distress.

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  • Can't overemphasize this!

    If someone needs medical assistance and you are in a position to help them, you have a duty to do so.
    The Lifeline Law is there to provide immunity for some alcohol-related offenses, subject to certain conditions, to people who request medical assistance for someone in need or receive medical assistance due to a request by someone else.

    About the Lifeline Law:

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  • IU Police Academy graduates 38 new cadet officers

    Indiana University campuses around the state will add new cadet officers to their IU Police Department ranks after the IU Police Academy presented badges to 38 members of its 42nd class. Graduation ceremonies took place Aug. 10 in the Indiana Memorial Union's Alumni Hall in Bloomington.

    The graduating cadet officers were selected from nearly 100 applicants and represent six IU campuses, the most in the academy's history. The new grads will join IU Police Departments on their home campuses this fall.

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  • Policy IT-28 Cyber Risk Mitigation

    Updated: August 12, 2013

    IU policy was approved (on May 17, 2013) and now has a new name: Cyber Risk Mitigation Responsibilities (IT-28).

    The approved policy language represents significant evolution based on feedback from the university community. We invite you to review the final version.

    Original post: March 13, 2013:

    Policy Draft IT-28 Provisioning of IT Services

    The University Information Policy Office recently posted and distributed a new policy draft for review, Policy IT-28 Provisioning of Information Technology Services.

    Policy IT-28 was drafted and developed with input from key stakeholders, paying particular attention to the Board of Trustees' concerns related to information and information technology risk — which have been continually highlighted by internal audits and repeated security incidents.

    IT-28 seeks to reduce the university’s exposure to threats and create economic efficiencies by leveraging common IT infrastructure and services to the greatest extent practicable (thereby freeing up resources for unit-specific needs).

    VP for IT and Chief Information Officer Brad Wheeler spoke at a town hall meeting on March 8th on the subject of: “Mitigating Cyber Risks”, which covered the current risk environment, and the development of IT-28.

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