Compliance Tools

Compliance Exchange

The Compliance Exchange is a group of functional level compliance officers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and policy owners set up to coordinate and communicate through the exchange of information.

The Compliance Exchange allows sharing of:

  • common compliance issues and ideas;
  • news and current events;
  • resources and tools;
  • activities and initiatives; and
  • professional development and training opportunities.

Anyone with compliance responsibility at any Indiana University campus may participate in the Compliance Exchange.  

If you are a compliance professional at IU and would like to be a part of the Compliance Exchange, please contact us at


Compliance Obligations

Obligations and requirements to which the university must comply:

External obligations:

  • Ongoing rules and regulations, accreditations, laws, and contractual obligations

Internal Policies:


Training and Agreement Tracking (E Training)

One of the keys for achieving complianc