Compliance Tools

Compliance Exchange

The Compliance Exchange is a group of functional level compliance officers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and policy owners set up to coordinate and communicate through the exchange of information.

The Compliance Exchange allows sharing of:

  • common compliance issues and ideas;
  • news and current events;
  • resources and tools;
  • activities and initiatives; and
  • professional development and training opportunities.

Anyone with compliance responsibility at any Indiana University campus may participate in the Compliance Exchange.  

If you are a compliance professional at IU and would like to be a part of the Compliance Exchange, please contact us at


Compliance Obligations

Obligations and requirements to which the university must comply:

External obligations:

  • Ongoing rules and regulations, accreditations, laws, and contractual obligations

Internal Policies:


Training and Agreement Tracking (E Training)

One of the keys for achieving compliance in any area is the provision of initial and recurring employee awareness and training about the compliance requirements. E Training is an enterprise tool that houses employee compliance training content and agreements that employees are required to assent to, and to track employee completion of training. 

Compliance staff throughout the university use the tool to write new or import already developed content. The system tracks completion of the training and provides the compliance staff with data to manage full compliance with the training requiremen