Secure Your Computer

If your computer is insecure, you are putting not only your own work at risk but also that of others on the IU network.

Following the steps outlined in this section will greatly improve the overall security of your computer.

If you are in an IU department with IT support staff, always consult them about the preferred practices in your area. Also, don’t forget to secure all operating systems on your computer – if you have a Mac that runs Windows, make sure you secure both.

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Additionally, if you store any type of sensitive data on your computer, see the section: Protecting Data. There, you'll find information such as how to identify it, protect it, and securely dispose of it.

Security & Policy Blog Posts

  • OpenSSL vulnerability made public on JUly 9, 2015 does not impact current popular linux distrubitons
  • The GHOST vulnerability allows an attacker to remotely take control of a system.
  • Drupal announced the availability of a patch to fix a critical SQL injection vulnerability in Drupal 7.
  • Creating and maintaining a disaster recovery plan for departments and thier critical services

    Recent Security Bulletins

  • RCE vulnerability in OpenFont support for all versions of Windows
  • Notice of a zero-day vulnerability in Oracle's Java has been made public
  • Multiple Zero-Day Flash vulnerabilities.
  • A critical vulnerability in Microsoft's HTTP.sys component may lead to remote code execution.