Security Awareness Materials and Downloads

The Information Security and Policy Offices generate and provide educational materials regarding computer use and security. Feel free to download these and use them, either printed or electronically, in your campaign.

You may wish to review our copyright and licensing information as well.

Bookmark style resources

Sensitive data flippy book

"Protecting Red-Hot Data" flippy book
Part of an effort to help faculty and staff safeguard critical institutional data.

several data elements (such as "Passport number" and "International Visa number" have been classified as critical since the printing of this book. For an up-to-date list, visit the Committee of Data Stewards' site.

Staying Safe Online bookmark

"Staying Safe Online" bookmark
Keep this next to your computer as a handy guide to many common dos and don'ts, and avoid online faux pas like identity theft.


"Passwords Are History" Passphrase Campaign

The Information Policy and Security Offices hope to educate the IU community about why choosing a complex and secure password is crucial to protecting their online identity, and how the use of passphrases does this, while providing access means that are easier to remember and easier to type.

For more information about the campaign, or passphrases in general, send an email to

Abraham LincolnBetsy RossCleopatraFrederick DouglassNapoleon Bonaparte


2008 National Cyber Security Awareness Month

These posters were distributed to promote NCSAM in 2008.

For more information about the campaign, or passphrases in general, send an email to


2005 National Cyber Security Awareness Month

These Halloween-themed posters were distributed widely across the University to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month in 2005. We also offered a "planning kit" to assist you in planning your NCSAM campaign. Our 2005 campaigned was centered around these distinct topics:


Digital Millennium Copyright Act / File sharing @ IU

A campaign designed to educate and inform users about the dangers of filesharing and the laws concerning downloading and sharing music illegally.

Are You Legal?


Security Posters

Provided by Microsoft, these posters can help you educate your students, faculty, and staff on the simple steps they can take to protect their PCs. You may also find the original (non-IU) versions on the Microsoft web site by following this link:

Do not pick up virusesHackers ahead