Environmental Health & Safety

Institutional environmental health and safety management (EHS) is complex and requires a multifaceted approach for effective management. Institutions such as Indiana University are required by federal, state and local governmental agencies to comply with numerous EHS regulations, rules, and standards.

The primary purpose of these pages is to provide the user with a quick reference to EHS information, compliance responsibilities, and resource assistance for major regulatory requirements impacting IU. This guide can also be used to increase the overall environmental health and safety consciousness of IU administrators, faculty, and staff.

In the interest of brevity, this guide lists only the major keys to compliance and often does not provide details. For example, many regulations require training, and it will be appropriately noted. However, details concerning the requirements of the training program (e.g., topics, frequency, duration, etc.) will not be found in this guide.

We will often refer you to other sources for further, detailed information.

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