Report a Concern

Report a Concern

If you have an emergency... 911 and provide the details. Emergency operators will institute procedures to contact us and send an officer to your location along with any additional required emergency response personnel such as fire or ambulance. EHS personnel will mobilize to provide technical support to emergency services personnel or to provide response as appropriate.

If you have a chemical spill...
...that does not involve any possibility of fire or explosion and does not involve injuries, but requires some assistance from EHS:

For IUS, IUB, IUK, IUE, IUSB, IUN, call UEHS:   (812) 855-6311 (8-5; M-F) or (812) 855-4111 (after hours)

For IUPUI, call IUPUI EHS:  (317) 274-2005 (8-5; M-F) or (317) 274-7911 (after hours) 

If you have a small chemical spill...
...that you can contain and clean up on your own, follow the spill clean up guidelines, request a waste pickup for the cleanup debris if necessary, and complete a spill follow up report.


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    • Request Assistance from Environmental Health and Safety
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