Business Continuity Planning

Phase 1: Completing Plans - IUB: 90.67% 375 plans; IUPUI: 73.48% 230 plans

When you complete your plan, go to IU READY -> PLAN HOME; Click on "Sign-off" button to mark your plan COMPLETE.

IU EMC July 2012 Newsletter

"Your efforts, along with those of your fellow staff, are making IU a better- prepared institution in the face of potential emergencies"

– John Applegate
EVP for University Regional Affairs, Planning, & Policy.

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Business Continuity Planning is the practice of planning how you will run your service or business unit processes when normal operating procedures are not possible. If you do not have access to computers, how will you continue processing your business information? In addition, once computers are restored, how will you bring the system to a current status?

The first step in creating a solid Business Continuity Plan for any service would be to define all of the business processes and their dependencies on system and human resources. A general guide is available to assist you with the questions that need to be answered to better prepare you for an IT disaster or a localized incident in your workspace.

All University departments should develop a Business Continuity Plan for their business processes.

How we can help

Our charge in the Business Continuity Program is to assist you in developing your plan by:

  • Providing a web accessible tool for creating, storing & maintaining plan(s)
  • Being ready and available to advise and direct every phase of the BCP development process necessary
  • Providing resources to assist with each phase
  • Providing system-wide answers to common problems or questions
  • Assisting with BCP testing; maintenance & best practice resources

Please do not hesitate to contact IU Emergency Management and Continuity as the need arises.

"It is critically important that IU's people, facilities and operations are safeguarded in a crisis. Having robust and detailed business continuity plans in place is a vital step for ensuring we are prepared for any emergency.” -- Michael A. McRobbie, President, Indiana University

  • IU Ready can help create a departmental business continuity plan

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