Domestic Violence

If you or anyone you know are the victim of domestic violence, get help immediately; there are many community resources designed to help you.


You are not alone

It is not your fault

Help is available


Domestic violence is defined by the Indiana Code as:

IC 5-26.5-1-3 "Domestic violence" includes conduct that is an element of an offense under IC 35-42 or a threat to commit an act described in IC 35-42 by a person against a person who: (1) is or was a spouse of; (2) is or was living as if a spouse of; (3) has a child in common with; (4) is a minor subject to the control of; or (5) is an incapacitated individual under the guardianship or otherwise subject to the control of; the other person regardless of whether the act or threat has been reported to a law enforcement agency or results in a criminal prosecution. As added by P.L.273-2001, SEC.3.

The Domestic Violence Handbook offers a broader definition: