Privacy Guidance

Not every recommendation or best practice is necessarily formalized in a policy. While formal privacy protections certainly exist (FERPA, HIPAA, Policy on Privacy of Information & IT Resources, etc), other privacy-related protections and practices are simply a good idea.

Use of 3rd Party Tools in Instruction

Web Privacy

Occasionally we may post here links to tools available to manage your privacy when browsing the web. These tools have not been evaluated for use by IU; before using any of them, please be sure to read their privacy notices and search for reviews of them to ensure the tool is safe and operates as claimed.

Identifies top online sites that store data about you and provides resources to make them unlist it.

Detects what sites are tracking you and allows you to selectively block such sites.

This Firefox add-on visualizes data being shared across websites as you surf the web.

Do Not Track is a step toward putting you in control of the way your information is collected and used online.

Privacy-related Blog Posts

  • An article on respecting the privacy of other while wearing technology enhanced accessories.
  • Planning on purchasing a new iPhone 5s? Perhaps think twice about enabling the new fingerprint authentication offered by the device and iOS 7. And, while it's effective to worry about security & reliability, this time, it may not be the hackers you worry most about.
  • We finished our "12 Domains in 12 Months" awareness initiative!
  • New document on Identity Verification provides advice on how to verify that a person is who he says he is