Privacy Policies at Indiana University

Indiana University has adopted privacy-related policies and procedures applicable to all members of the university community and strives to implement safeguards to address privacy issues consistent with the university mission and environment, applicable legal requirements and professional standards, generally accepted privacy norms, and available resources.

Privacy is a broad topic, and thus there are multiple privacy policies at IU, each addressing specific uses, activities, or types of information.

Submitting Complaints

Complaints focusing on any of the following areas may be submitted regarding: (i) IU’s privacy policies and procedures; (ii) compliance with those policies and procedures; (iii) concerns related to the use, disclosure and protection of personally identifiable information; or (iv) concerns related to physical privacy.  All such complaints must contain a brief description of the surrounding circumstances as well as the alleged violation of policy, procedure or legal requirement.

Individuals are encouraged to work directly with the management of the unit where the privacy concern is experienced. If the response by the unit is not satisfactory, individuals may report privacy complaints to the most relevant IU privacy official for the type of complaint; however, when in doubt as to which is the most relevant, complaints may be submitted to any of the university’s privacy officials. The receiving privacy official will transfer the complaint to the most relevant official as appropriate.

  • For complaints relating to student education records and/or FERPA-related issues, submit to the Registrar for the campus involved. See: How do I contact the Office of the Registrar at each IU campus? for a listing.
  • For complaints relating to health sciences and/or patient care and/or HIPAA-related issues, submit to the HIPAA Privacy Officer for the IU School or unit involved. If it is unclear as to what School or unit is involved, or if multiple Schools or units are involved, submit to the University HIPAA Privacy Officer. See HIPAA Compliance Contacts for a listing.
  • For physical privacy complaints, report to the unit, School, or campus facilities management office involved.
  • For privacy complaints relating to human subjects research, please contact the appropriate IU Institutional Review Board office (IRB).
  • For privacy complaints when it is unclear as to the most relevant privacy official, or area involved, or when multiple areas are involved, including those not relevant to the aforeme