Information Security & Privacy Program

The role of governance in an organization is to set policy, establish authority and responsibility, and implement accountability. IU's Information Security and Privacy Program is governed by the Information Security and Privacy Risk Council.

See also Domain 2: Policy to learn how leadership documents, sets, and communicates direction and expectations to the organization; Domain 3: Organization for more on IU's organizational structure and outlining of responsibilities; and Domain 12: Compliance for offices responsible for specific legislative, regulatory, or contractual obligations related to information security and privacy.

Information Security and Privacy Risk Council

The Information Security and Privacy Risk Council ("the Council") is a standing committee providing broad strategic guidance and oversight to support the university-wide Indiana University Information Security and Privacy Program ("ISPP"). The ISPP exists to establish risk-based safeguards that adequately protect information, but do not unnecessarily impede its appropriate and widespread use.

The Council operates under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO (for digital information protection and privacy) and the Office of the Executive Vice President for University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy (for information and privacy in the physical world, and general policy and compliance). 

The Information Security and Privacy Risk Council will:

  • Develop, seek wide input, and recommend strategic direction to the Chief Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer on university-wide information security and privacy.
  • Review and coordinate university-wide information security and privacy-related policies, procedures, and initiatives, regardless of the office or sector responsible.
  • Review and coordinate university-wide efforts to improve employee awareness of information security and privacy practices, regardless of the office or sector responsible.
  • Provide strategic input to key information security and privacy projects undertaken by the University Information Security Office, the University Information Policy Office, and offices having compliance or monitoring responsibilities for the information security and privacy of particular sectors.
  • Advise university administration on matters of information security and privacy, and with respect to compliance requirements.
  • Stay abreast of emerging information security and privacy issues and adjust strategy as necessary.


You may download the charter here.


Representative AreasName
FERPA Compliance
Student Records Expertise
GLB Act Compliance
Student Financial Aid
Loans Compliance