Your assurance toolbox begins here. We offer a multitude of tools and software resources to help you protect yourselves, your computer and identity, and university resources like facilities, equipment, critical information, and continuity processes.

Tools & Software

Everything from scanning your computers and servers for vulnerabilities to ensuring your department has a business continuity plan, the tools and software found here can help. What's more, all are free of charge to IU faculty and staff and most to students.

E Training
E Training offers a centralized repository of online training, tutorials, and compliance-driven education and awareness.
Identity Finder
Identity Finder is a tool that can search computer systems and web sites to identify, delete, and secure sensitive data thus reducing the risk of data breaches and identity theft.
InCommon Certificate Service
IU has partnered with the InCommon Certificate Service to provide unlimited free SSL certificates to all units. This will replace the IU Certificate Authority (IUCA), and is available to all IU campuses.
IU Ready
IU Ready is an online continuity planning tool designed for campuses, medical centers, and other institutions of higher education.
Personal and Corporate Software Inspector
Secunia PSI scans your computer for thousands of known programs, checks for missing security patches and vulnerabilities in those programs, and reports back to you with information on how to update them.
PGP Whole Disk Encryption
Disk encryption adds an extra layer of security by encrypting a computer's entire hard drive, requiring a password before i