Web Site Privacy Notice Generator

Welcome to the University Information Policy Office's Web Site Privacy Notice Generator. This application works by asking you a series of questions about your department or unit's privacy practices with regard to your web site, and then using your answers to customize a privacy notice for you based on our template.

To access the Web Site Privacy Notice Generator, visit the Protect IU OneStart portal:
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You may also wish to review Policy ISPP-24: Web Site Privacy Notices.
(the policy for which this application was developed)

Don't worry, UIPO has involved necessary parties at IU, including the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel, to make sure the base language is correct and sound for most parties. If you find that your privacy practices are rather complicated, use of this tool might indicate that you should contact the UIPO for assistance.

A Collaborative Process

UIPO has strived to make this as straightforward as possible. We understand that some units have fairly simple practices with regard to the data collected from their web sites, but others can be incredibly complex.

This application will allow you to save your work at anytime and return later — for example: you may not be entirely sure about a particular answer to a question, requiring consultation with others. This tool enables you to grant others access to your privacy notice, as management or oversight of a web site or applications is often distributed in nature.

The goal is to accurately report your actual privacy and security practices, even if extra time or consultation with other individuals is required.

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