IU Ready

IU Ready is an online continuity planning tool designed for campuses, medical centers, and other institutions of higher education.

IU Ready Training Materials

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IU Ready will help your department prepare for those adverse events that we call disasters. Disaster-events can be wide in scope (earthquake, wildfire, pandemic, terrorism). Disasters can also be more localized (fire in your building, or even the failure of your hard drive!).

The goal of continuity planning is to enable us to continue our mission despite these events. Some departments - particularly in medical centers but also on campuses - will be expected not only to continue but to expand their services during these times.

This tool will guide you, step by step, to create a continuity plan.  Your plan will identify:

  • Critical Functions performed by your department, and the factors needed for their continuance.
  • Information and Strategies that will help during and after the disaster-event.
  • Action Items that can be done, starting now, to lessen the impact of these events and ma