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    When Isaac Comes to Indiana

    Labor Day Weekend, 2012, is almost upon us, and while the details from all the models for Hurricane Isaac have shifted, the remnants of the storm are still coming. Everywhere in Indiana will feel the impact, starting as early as Friday evening to as late as Saturday morning. Most scenarios predict 2"-4" of rain for southern and central Indiana, but some predict amounts over 7", and maybe more. Here's what you need to know:

    • Turn Around, Don't Drown. Somewhere in the state, it is highly likely that some roads will have water flowing over them from flooding. Less than two feet of flood water can sweep a vehicle away, including an SUV. Floods kill more people than any other severe weather hazard.
    • Isaac is not Ike. In 2008, large areas of the state were flooded due to Hurricane Ike and the rains that it brought. Isaac is expected to bring, at worst, just over half the rain that Ike brought. Also, when Ike struck Indiana, the ground was very saturated with water from previous rains. While there are spots of the state currently saturated, overall the state is still experiencing drought condtions.
    • Flooding may be moderate, but no severe flooding is expected in Indiana. Local conditions may vary, so make sure you are prepared for flooding, but there is no need to build any arks.
    • Tornadoes are possible, but not the big twisters we fear each spring. If any occur in Indiana from Isaac, they will be short-lived and low on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.
    • Monday it looked like the storm would head straight for IUN. Tuesday it looked like IUK. Yesterday, IUPUI. Today, IUPUC. The track is changing because the storm is slowing down. That means it will have rained more elsewhere before getting to Indiana, decreasing the rain we see. We could simply get enough to significantly lessen the effects of this years drought. But flooding is still a possibility, even if areas only get 2" in a short enough time frame.
    • The National Weather Service in Indianapolis has Isaac information up, including maps showing the latest projected path, maps showing the expected rainfall totals (which have been trending downwards), and lots of other Isaac data. Better informed is better prepared.