Mary Lou East-Emmons

Accreditation Analyst

Public Safety and Institutional Assurance
2427 E. Second St.
Bloomington, IN


Having built the IU READY business continuity planning program from the ground up, Mary Lou East-Emmons now is using these same skills to launch another Web-based tool as principal event management analyst for University Event Management. She is helping to build a system-wide tool that will manage scheduled events across all campuses for event planners, the approvers and University Event Management staff. She will be the local administrator of the IU Events OnLine tool (EOL) soon to be used by all IU campuses. Training and reference materials regarding how IU units can feed information of future events into a common tool are also part of the program build.   

With 29 years of service to IU, East-Emmons has worked within the PSIA family as the business continuity planning manager for IU Emergency Management and Continuity since 2007. She has worked at the IU Student Health Center, Telecommunications, and University Information Technology Services (UITS) prior to her present role with PSIA and University Event Management.