Mobile Device Security

Computing has advanced beyond desktop computers — to laptop computers with all the power of a desktop, to handheld tablets, and to smart phones with Internet access anywhere a cell phone signal is available.

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For more detailed information about specific services or devices, visit, "How can I protect data on my mobile device," in the UITS Knowledge Base.

Security & Policy Blog Posts

  • OpenSSL vulnerability made public on JUly 9, 2015 does not impact current popular linux distrubitons
  • The GHOST vulnerability allows an attacker to remotely take control of a system.
  • Drupal announced the availability of a patch to fix a critical SQL injection vulnerability in Drupal 7.
  • Creating and maintaining a disaster recovery plan for departments and thier critical services

    Recent Security Bulletins

  • RCE vulnerability in OpenFont support for all versions of Windows
  • Notice of a zero-day vulnerability in Oracle's Java has been made public