IU Critical Incident Communication Plan


Indiana University considers the safety of our students, employees and visitors integral to making our campuses outstanding places to learn and to work.

Public safety staff and their partners work, train and plan year-round to maintain this environment and to address challenges and threats when they occur. This effort includes emergency communications.

The Critical Incident Communication Plan, designed to meet national standards for emergency management, is scalable. Communicators and public safety staff use it throughout the year when dangerous incidents require IU-Notify emergency alerts. They conduct workshops and exercises to be ready for larger incidents.

How we communicating with our campus populations during dangerous situations is critical and we all have a role -- including you:

  • Review the checklists to see if one can help you.
  • Make sure your IU-Notify settings are current. Some emergency alerts, such as tornado warnings, are only sent via text. Public safety notices are sent via email.
  • Consider using the Guardian app, which provides one location for public safety information.
  • Consider using a weather app and weather radio to promptly receive alerts for weather-related threats. Outdoor warning sirens often cannot be heard indoors.