Hazardous Materials Spill Response

Chemical Spill Response at IU

IUEHS at Bloomington and Indianapolis maintain onsite Emergency Response Teams for chemical spills. The teams are made up of members of the IUEHS environmental management and lab safety groups. The teams respond to spills of all sizes to evaluate the situation and determine if it can be handled in-house or if outside responders should be called. IUEHS may authorize knowledgeable and trained department or lab personnel to clean up some spills on their own. Chemical spills at regional IU campuses are generally addressed by outside emergency responders unless specific instructions are provided by IUEHS.

All spills at IU campuses must be reported to IUEHS -- we recommend using the Spill or Incident Follow-Up Report. We also recommend printing the Spill Response Guides and posting them in your chemical storage or work area if you use chemical or petroleum products.