IU Regional Campus Waste Management

Waste Management at IU Regional Campuses

Waste generated at IU Regional campuses includes municipal trash, recycling, food waste, and landscaping waste, as well as chemical, biological, and radioactive waste generated by research, academic, and administrative operations. Several IU departments have resposibility for managing these waste materials. The disposal of chemical, biological, and radioactive waste is governed by Federal, State, and local regulations as well as IU policies and procedures. IUEHS oversees the chemical, biological, and radioactive waste management programs at the regional campuses, but our continued success depends on the efforts of faculty, staff, and students to properly identify problematic wastes and follow the appropriate procedures for their disposal. Proper handling and disposal of this waste is critical to worker safety, the health of the community, and the protection of our environment.

IU Regional campuses currently operate as very small quantity generators of hazardous waste, generating less than 100 kg of hazardous waste each month. The links below provide guidance and tools for you to use to ensure that any waste you generate is properly managed.