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How to Dispose of Empty Chemical Containers

You have emptied your chemical container so you can now dispose of it in your glass waste box correct? Maybe not, depending on the chemical the empty container may require disposal as hazardous waste.


Find out which chemical containers require disposal as hazardous waste here. Not all empty chemical containers can be disposed of in your laboratory glass waste box.


What Would Your Mother Think About Your Laboratory?

One of the most common rules I see broken when inspecting laboratories is shown in this picture.



It is not just a laboratory safety rule but something most children are taught by their parents growing up which is simply "If you get something out put it up when you are finished using it". I am talking about clutter and poor housekeeping. Read more about how you can accident proof your laboratory by keeping clutter to a minimum and more here.



Welcome Candice Culligan


Please join me in welcoming Candice Culligan. Candice comes to us from the College of NanoScale Science and Engineering, SUNY at Albany, NY. Candice will serve as an Occupational Safety Specialist. To find out more about Candice click here.



New Assistant Director of Fire Safety


Please welcome Alan Snedeker as our new Assistant Director of Fire Safety. Alan has been with IUPUI for 5 years and replaces Tom Hulse who recently retired. Please visit the following link to find out more about Alan as well as his contact information.

Laboratory Equipment in Hallways

We are beginning to notice more laboratory equipment such as refrigerators, freezers and centrifuges migrating into hallways. Please click here to read why this is not allowed as well as discussion about a new policy that will be drafted by the Laboratory Safety Committee to address this issue.


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