New Format

Over the years I have transformed the Lab Notes newsletter from a paper document to a .PDF file that could be printed and shared, then to HTML format which contained a link to a .PDF document that could be printed and shared. Now I am taking the next step to creating a document that is totally digital. You will not find links to printer friendly versions or .PDF files. Although you will not find printable .PDF files I still strongly encourage sharing of the Lab Notes newsletter with your friends and colleagues by simply forwarding the e-mail with the link that you received. By reducing the amount of paper used to print the Lab Notes newsletter and by sharing the newsletter in digital format via e-mail we can take a small step towards a greener campus.


If you have any comments, suggestions or if you would like to submit an article for publishing please contact me via e-mail at: leestone@iupui.edu.


I thank you for your continued readership and hope you enjoy our new format.