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Winter 2010

What is Laboratory Safety?

Amy K. Lee Stone

What is Laboratory Safety? Is it chemical segregation? Is it wearing PPE? Is it training? Over the years I have come to realize that laboratory safety is a 3 sided triangle in which each side is supporting the other 2 and should one side weaken or should one side be absent then the entire safety program collapses and we are left with a laboratory that is vulnerable to an accident or injury. Click on the link below to find out what the 3 sides of the laboratory safety triangle are and their impact on safety in your laboratory.

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Biosafety Basics

Amanda Stinnett

Do you know what the terms "Biosafety Containment Levels" and 'Risk Groups" signify? Do you know what personal protective equipment is required in these labs? Do you know how to dispose of the waste from these labs? Biosafety Technician Rachel Bennett answers these questions and more.

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Common Fume Hood Mistakes

K. Lee Stone

As I walk through our laboratories on campus I am too often finding laboratory personnel improperly using fume hoods. Just as with any device, for it to work properly you must use it properly. You don't expect your house to heat properly if you have boxes sitting on all of your floor registers blocking the airflow, you don't expect your car window to protect you from the wind while driving down the interstate if the window is rolled all the way down, you don't expect your fireplace to contain the smoke if a lit log is hanging out of the fireplace and you don't expect your heating bill to be cheap or your furnace to operate efficiently if you leave the front door open in the winter due to the fact that you don't want to have to keep opening and closing it. To find out how the the above scenarios are synonymous with the most prevalent mistakes laboratory personnel make when using a fume hood click below.

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Winter Reminder: Walk Like a Penguin when on Ice or Snow

Featured Employee

wb Derrick Stratton

Derrick Stratton is a Laboratory Safety Technician for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Please click on the link to find out more about Derrick.

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