Luke 16: 14-15


 14 The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus. 15 He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight

Luke begins in verse 14 stating that the Pharisees loved money. A disease that corrupts us from the inside out is envy. Often a symptom of envy is a love of money. What I find interesting is how Jesus says his father feels about money and other things that the rich and famous of the world own. Jesus says "What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight. Some synonyms for detestable are "nasty", "vile" and "wretched". It sounds like those fancy homes, cars and boats turn God's stomach, so why should we want them?

One day we will all come to the realization that many things we wanted and felt we needed were nothing more than satan's lies to us to get us to envy others. I was walking back from lunch today and noticed two young children fighting over an ice cream cone. I am not a big fan of the taste of this particular ice cream, but the children fighting over the single cone were acting as if it were made of pure gold. afterwards during my devotional time I couldn't help but think that God looks at many of us in the same way wondering why we put so much time and effort in to getting all the things we have when most of what we value is detestable in God's sight.

God please forgive me for the times when I take my eyes off of you and begin looking at things in the world. I know you will provide for all my needs and I pray that I can begin seeing all the other stuff in the world through your eyes.