Spring 2011

Limited Power of Attorney Established for Biological Shipments into Canada

It recently came to light that Quebec Province in Canada has initiated a pilot program whereby hazardous materials, including biological substances, being shipped into Canada must either:

  • Be coordinated through a contractual customs broker or
  • The entity completing the shipment must have an agreement in place establishing a limited power of attorney for the international shipping company used to facilitate the shipment. 

While conducted as a pilot project for materials entering Canada through the Mirabel Customs Office, it appears possible that Canada Customs will implement the requirement nationwide in the future. 

The University has established a Limited Power of Attorney (LPA) agreement with FedEx which will apply to all University shipments being sent into Canada being facilitated through FedEx.  The LPA is institution wide and will cover any University entity completing a shipment on behalf of the University. 

Shippers need only to reference that their shipment is covered by the general LPA established for Indiana University if questioned or challenged by FedEx or Canada Customs.  Copies of the LPA form will be maintained within Purchasing and Environmental Health and Safety and can be produced upon request. 

There are no additional charges or fees imposed for shipments into Canada under the provisions of the LPA.  All normal duties, tariffs or other import charges will be charged against the shipper’s FedEx account as part of the normal shipping process. 

Shippers desiring to use UPS should contact EHS to establish a similar agreement for shipments being coordinated through UPS.  Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 4-2005 if you have any questions regarding shipments into Canada