A matter of Life and Death

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A Lab Door is a Closed Door

Is your Laboratory Prepared for Severe Weather?

Policy for the Safe Use of Gas Cartridge Bunsen Burners


Cal/UCLA Probe Faults Professor and UCLA

Glass Embedded in Student's Chest Following Lab Explosion

'Systemic Failures' Cited in UCLA Lab Fatality

Pair of Explosions in the Same Lab

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Texas Tech Links Laboratory Safety to Tenure and Promotion

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A Matter of Life and Death

Laboratory safety can truly be a matter of life and death. The report from the investigation into the tragic death of a UCLA laboratory employee has been released. This document contains some very important findings as well as insight into the question- Who was responsible?


Read the entire document as well as some very important questions we all need to be asking ourselves here. This is an extremely important document for both laboratory faculty and staff.

Navigating the IBC at IUPUI

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) has recently updated its form in an effort to streamline the approval process for research on campus.



In the past there was an IBC submission form, an exempt IBC submission form, a Biohazard Committee submission form, and a Human/Primate Cell Culture Registration form. There is now one form that incorporates all of the agents from the four forms into the single form. This form will allow the IBC to collect and review the necessary information but will reduce the confusion of what forms to fill out for researchers. Find out more about navigating the IBC here.


A Lab Door Is a Closed Door


Keeping your lab door shut is more important than you may think. Most often doors are left open out of a matter of convenience, but safety outweighs any amount of convenience every time. You may unknowingly be putting yourself and others in harm’s way just to save a little time and effort. To find out more about why your laboratory doors should remain closed click here.



Is your Laboratory Prepared for Severe Weather?


As with any emergency, preparedness is your best defense. Please visit the following link to find out what you should do to prepare your laboratory for severe weather and how to respond should severe weather arrive.



Policy for the Safe Use of Gas Cartridge Bunsen Burners


We are seeing an increase in the number of gas cartridge bunsen burners in laboratories . Natural gas supply lines are also no longer being installed in research laboratories during renovations and new construction. Because of this the IUPUI Laboratory Safety Committee has recently created a policy that provides guidance on the safe use of gas cartridge bunsen burners in laboratories. Please click here to view this policy.



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