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Safety in Numbers

We have all heard the saying that “there is safety in numbers”. This is particularly true in laboratories where the numbers 0 and 1 can prove fatal or result in the destruction of a building. The image below was taken in a laboratory where an unattended operation destroyed a laboratory.

Please click here to read about the dangers of working alone and unattended operations.

IUPUI Remains Committed to Reducing Impact by the Campus on the Surrounding Environment


Did you know there are safe and effective glass cleaning alternatives to hazardous chemical mixtures such as chromerge or nitric acid/methanol solutions? Are you using other hazardous materials that may have a less hazardous substitute? In an effort to reduce the potential negative impact on our community, the campus has developed and adopted a Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention Policy. The policy asks all campus personnel to evaluate opportunities to reduce the volume and overall hazard of those wastes which must be produced. To read more about how this policy impacts your laboratory please click here. here.

Mercury Elimination Policy Update

Policies are sometimes a necessary evil. The Laboratory Safety Committee Mercury Reduction/Elimination Policy is a good case in point. The University, in recognition of the widely-recognized acute and chronic hazards of mercury, decided in 2001 that it was time to make a concerted effort to eliminate all nonessential forms of mercury from the campus.


To read more about the success of the Mercury Elimination Policy please click here.


MSDS Online Updated Site


You will notice a new look to MSDS online when you log on. There have been several updates which include an improved user friendly MSDS search tools..

Please click here for a PowerPoint tutorial from MSDS Online for instructions on how to search MSDS online using the new updated version.



Radiation Safety Newsletter


If you are a Permit Holder do you know what will happen to your radioactive materials if you go on sabattical? Do you know how long you the NRC requires that you keep your records? Find out answers to these questions and more in the recent Radiation Safety Newslettter found here.



New OSHA Nanomaterial Fact Sheet


This new fact sheet provides basic information to workers and employers on the most current understanding of potential hazards associated with this rapidly-developing technology and highlights measures to control exposure to nanomaterials in the workplace. Please click here to view this document.



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