By: Mendy Foster

Mendy Foster has a B.S. in Biochemistry form Indiana University and has over 15 years experience as a protein biochemist.

Mendy currently serves as a Laboratory Safety Specialist for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

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Welcome Mendy Foster

My name is Mendy Foster. I recently began here at IUPUI as a Lab Safety Specialist. Prior to this I spent over 15 years as a protein biochemist at Dow AgroSciences. This culture emphasized the importance of researchers taking ownership for guarding the well-being of themselves and their colleagues. In that vein, my career has involved actively conducting laboratory research and overseeing projects while simultaneously filling departmental safety roles. In this way I have developed an appreciation for implementing lab safety practices in a practical and pro-active manner.


My technical experience includes many techniques used throughout research labs at IUPUI such as those associated with cloning, protein isolation, biochemical assay development and protein characterization. My safety experience includes having served as both a research area safety focal point and a radiation PI as well as working in teams to identify root causes for accidents and near misses.


I understand having a strong drive to meet research goals quickly, and have found that taking time for safety helps achieve these goals. Taking moments to evaluate our processes and work environments can prevent mistakes that could set research back by days, weeks or worse. I really believe that moments spent thinking about the big picture and work safety protect the research and the researcher alike.


I look forward to partnering with you to identify safety solutions and ensure everyone returns home the way they arrived.



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