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Disinfectant Change for the Public Water Supply

Beginning on January 27th, Citizens Energy Group, the provider of municipal water in Indianapolis, will change the disinfectant used to ensure that the water is safe to drink from a biological perspective. Citizens will switch from a family of chemical compounds known as chloramines to free chlorine.

This change occurs annually and is intended to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from developing a resistance to the treatment process. Citizens normally switches back to chloramines in March of each year.

Water distributed into the community carries low concentrations of whichever disinfectant is in use at the time in an effort to protect the water supply from microbial contamination.

Users of the water may likely notice a change in the odor and taste of the water. They may also notice enhanced corrosion to plumbing fixtures including copper staining of sinks.

The presence of either chloramines or free chlorine is of concern for dialysis clinics and laboratory operations wishing to produce ultra-pure water as the type of disinfectant and associated byproducts may need to be taken into consideration to ensure their effective removal.

Additional information provided by Citizens Energy can be found here.

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