By: Wendy Conner

Wendy Conner has a B.S. in Chemistry from Ball State and has over 20 years of laboratory experience with ten years as safety team member. Wendy has worked in all aspects of laboratory operations from field work to management.


Wendy is a Laboratory Safety Specialist for IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety.


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Wendy Conner

My name is Wendy Conner. I recently began here at IUPUI as a Lab Safety Specialist. Prior to this I worked for Element Materials Technology which has a safety first culture. I have 20 years of environmental laboratory experience, during which I have filled many roles from lab technician to lab manager. This included performing reviews and validations of protocols and data.

My technical experience includes a familiarity with various chemical testing methods and instrumentation such as titrations, gravimetrics, distillations, organic extractions, GC-MS, ICP, and ICP-MS, as well as chemical handling methods. My many years assisting in the microbiology lab made me familiar with sterile techniques, plating methods, ELISA assays, and proper disposal of biologicals. My safety experience includes serving on the safety team for a total of ten years. As a group we addressed safety issues and created programs and policies for the laboratory.

Having come from the private sector, I understand the urgency and pressure to produce results quickly but know what can happen if not tempered with keeping safety practices in mind. A few moments to check guards, connections, straps or equipment; put on the proper PPE; or clean the work area will save time, money, and lives.

I look forward to partnering with you to keep everyone whole, productive, and safe.

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