New Requirement for Biohazard Bags and Sharps Containers

Updated Chemical Hygiene Plan now Available

New Indiana University Use of Corridors and Equipment Rooms for Storage Policy

New Laboratory Safety Policy


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New Requirement for Biohazard Bags and Sharps Containers

In an effort to harmonize the manner in which biological waste is handled from IU laboratories in Indianapolis with the rest of the IU system and to mitigate concerns from the local waste facilities, the use of red or orange autoclave bags will be phased out and replaced with clear/translucent autoclave bags. This will include red sharps containers that will be replaced with clear/translucent sharps containers. The process to phase out and replace with clear/translucent bags will begin immediately with an anticipated transition date of October 1, 2015.

Understandably, this will raise a few questions so we have a FAQ document that can be reviewed here.

To find out more about this requirement as well as to read more about how to properly dispose of biohazardous waste please click here to review the IUPUI Biological Waste Procedures.

Updated Chemical Hygiene Plan now Available


The Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) is a written program for ensuring the safe use of chemicals in laboratories at Indiana University. It describes policies, procedures, and control measures that must be understood and observed by all individuals involved in the laboratory use of chemicals.

The CHP has been updated and is now the Indiana University plan which applies to all university laboratories.

All Indiana University laboratory employees must be familiar with with the requirements found in the plan and also know the location of the CHP, so please click here to familiarize yourself with the location as well as review the new plan.

New Indiana University Use of Corridors and Equipment Rooms for Storage Policy


A new university-wide policy that went into effect in July spells out rules for what can be stored in hallways, stairwells and equipment rooms in university-owned buildings and areas occupied by employees in non-university buildings.

This policy applies to all university laboratories and contains guidance to storage of laboratory equipment and materials. .

To find out more please click here to read the new policy in it's entirety so you can ensure that your laboratory is compliant.

New Laboratory Safety Policy

Indiana University is committed to 1) ensuring the safety of its students, employees, and visitors; and 2) complying with all applicable regulatory environmental, health, and safety requirements.

Because of this commitment the University has implemented a new Laboratory Safety Policy to ensure all laboratory operations satisfy all Federal, State, and Local regulations as well as any guidance developed by Indiana University organizational units designated with the authority to do so.

This policy and associated procedures set Indiana University’s expectations in the area of laboratory safety, toward the goal of protecting individuals, ensuring effective operations, and satisfying Federal, State, and Local regulations (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, National Institutes of Health, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), etc.). Indiana University’s Principles of Ethical Conduct specifically mention a culture of compliance with laws, regulations and policies; ethically conducting teaching and research; and promoting health and safety in the workplace.

To read the new policy in it's entirety please click here.






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