By: Katlin Stephani

Katlin Stephani has earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University and has worked as a Research Assistant at IUPUI.


Katlin currently serves as a Laboratory Safety Specialist for IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety.


E-mail Katlin at: kwstepha@indiana.edu



Katlin Stephani

My name is Katlin Stephani and I have begun work at IUPUI as a Laboratory Safety Specialist. I recently obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Indiana University-Bloomington and prior to that I worked as a Research Assistant here at IUPUI.

These experiences, in addition to my Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, have given me experience and insight into the worlds of academic research and Environmental Health and Safety. For example, I have experience in running PCR reactions, running electrophoresis gels, and cell culture, as well as handling mice. I also worked with EHS personnel to ensure safety and compliance of the laboratory. Graduate school gave me insight into the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to laboratories, highlighting why they were implemented and what they are designed to accomplish. I also realized the benefits of working in a team and using the strengths of all involved to achieve a desired goal.

I think this combined knowledge will help me to be able to work with laboratory personnel and investigators to achieve the best possible safety standards as well as the protection of the environment. Having worked on the research end of the spectrum, I understand the need for quick, accurate, experimental results. With that being said, I also believe that experimentation and lab work should be done in a safe manner. I want to help IUPUI personnel conduct their work safely so that they can avoid accidents and ensure the continuation of research. This will result in the best possible outcomes for both individuals and the university.

I look forward to working with you as a team to ensure your safety so that everyone makes it home at the end of a very productive day!

You can contact Katlin at kwstepha@indiana.edu or by calling 274-3798.

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