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Alternatives to Using a Gas Flame for Basic Microbiology

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Another nitric acid waste container explosion

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Lab Recycling Update

IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety routinely receives inquiries regarding recycling opportunities for campus laboratories – especially the recycling of plastic, glass or metal chemical containers. Because of this we have recently took a fresh look at the issue.

To read more about recycling in the laboratory please click here.


Accidents, although rare, could happen at any time. Near misses on campus, such as the polymerizable compound found in a refrigerator, as well as the active hurricane season this summer/fall reminds us of the unpredictability of life and the need to have a plan should things go wrong.

Please click here to learn how careful planning and management of risks can greatly decrease the chances that an accident will occur, or if one does occur, that the effects will not be as great.

Biological Toxin Safety


Biological toxins are toxic substances that can be produced by bacteria, fungi, protozoa, insects, animals, or plants and are classified separately from chemical toxins.

I encourage you take a moment to click here to find out more about registration and use of biological toxins on the IUPUI campus.

Alternatives to Using a Gas Flame for Basic Microbiology

IUPUI has recently removed natural gas service to some of their buildings which contain laboratories. This has led to several labs asking about alternatives to using a gas burner when performing basic microbiology techniques.

Please click here to find viable options to using a gas burner for microbiology work in a lab.

More Nitric Acid Waste Container Explosions

Once again we read in the news a laboratory accident that is the result of mixing nitric acid with an incompatible chemical, most likely an alcohol, in a waste container which results in over-pressurization and explosion.

Please click here to watch a video produced by the Northwestern Office of Research Safety that demonstrates the delayed and violent release of gas by mixing these chemicals.

Please always label your waste jugs with all the chemicals that have been added and please ensure you do not mix incompatible chemicals when you fill your waste jug. This simple step can present a catastrophic rupture.


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