Summer 2011

Chemical Decontamination

Amy K. Lee Stone

Hopefully you are familiar with our hazardous spill response acronym ESCAPE that is taught during our Laboratory Safety Training: Evacuate the lab, Shut the doors to the lab, Call 911 from a campus phone or 274-7911 from a cell phone, Assess the situation, Pull the fire alarm if it is determined that the spill will create a situation that is immediately dangerous to the life or health of the building occupants and finally Evacuate the building if the fire alarm has been pulled. However, many times we forget or are not familiar with what to do if we are exposed to a hazardous chemical. Please click on the link below to view the steps that should be taken if you are exposed to a hazardous chemical in the laboratory.

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David Letterman has a top ten list so we composed a top ten list of laboratory safety practices that must be followed by all personnel working in a laboratory. Interested in what made the list? Please click on the link below to find out the complete details.

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An Unfortunate Reminder

Amy K. Lee Stone

You have heard the basic rules for laboratory safety many times. No food or drink, no horseplay, avoid working alone, confine long hair and loose clothing...etc. A recent accident at Yale University cost a young student her life and is a sad reminder of the importance of the simple but often forgotten laboratory safety rule of "Confine loose hair". Please click here to read the New York Time's account of the accident and click on the Complete details link below to find out more about how to safeguard against such and accident:

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Nicole Cloud

Please welcome Nicole Cloud. Nicole was recently hired as a Biosafety Technician for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Nicole brings several years of both biological and chemical laboratory experience to her new position. Please click on the details below to find out more about Nicole and please welcome her if you see her out and about.

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Proper Laboratory Attire

K. Lee Stone

So far it has been a long hot summer and we are seeing a number of laboratory personnel wearing shorts and sandals in the laboratories. Adequate protective clothing must be worn whenever working in the laboratory. "Adequate" means, at a minimum, clothing that falls below the knees and shoes that fully cover the feet. These, of course, are in addition to other personal protective equipment such as a lab coat, gloves and eyewear. Please visit the link below for more guidance as to proper attire for laboratory personnel.

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Terrorism Awareness

Jim Klenner

This edition has me taking a detour off the normal biological safety path. I recently received several notices from the Indianapolis FBI Field Office related to potential indicators for terrorist activities. I receive these as I have a working relationship with the WMD Coordinator Special Agent at the Indy Field Office and I am also listed as their Subject Matter Expert on synthetic biology and general biosafety. Click on the link below for more information on terrorism awareness

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The SilencerĀ® S2200 Centrifuge pictured above is being recalled because there is a potential for the centrifuge to operate with the centrifugeā€™s bucket and insert not properly seated on the rotor which results in the rotor coming lose, breaking the lid and being forced out of the centrifuge. For more information on this recall please click on the centrifuge.


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