Summer 2011

Welcome Nicole Cloud

Hello, my name is Nicole Cloud. I have lived in Indiana most of my life and in 2005 I graduated from Ball State University. I majored in Biology and minored in Sociology. While at Ball State I was involved in various research projects and societies. One was a small mammal study on Cooper Woods and grasslands. From this, we were able to better understand the populations and distributions of various small mammals on the property. This was done through live trapping, ear tagging, and data collection on the individuals trapped. I also conducted a study on the effects of pollution on the populations of macro invertebrates in the White River. This was done by collecting water samples based on their proximity to sewage overflow sites, and using kick nets to collect macro invertebrates from the floor of the river. I was also a member of the Wildlife Society and was able to partake in some amazing activities, including, volunteering at a large cat sanctuary. We fed and interacted with the cats, cleaned the cages, and built new enclosures.

Since graduating I have spent over 4 years working at ESG Laboratories. There I was a laboratory technician and was responsible for several nitrogen related tests. I was constantly handling harmful chemicals and now understand the precautions that need to be taken when handling such agents. I also assisted in several other labs, including the microbiology lab. When I began working with bacteria I realized my interest in microbiology. Also, I was able to realize the care and safety precautions that need to be taken when working with and disposing of biological agents.

In July of this year I accepted the Biosafety Technician position at IUPUI. I am very excited to be a part of the Environmental Health and Safety Department. I have been in labs since college and I have a good understanding of proper laboratory safety practices. Also, I have had a passion for science, especially biology, ever since I was a little child. I plan on using this passion to facilitate safe research. That said, I still have a lot to learn and enjoy continuing my education. I plan on taking the courses and training needed to better myself in this new position. I am excited about the challenges I face and plan on giving it everything I have.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband, Adam. Two years ago we bought an old home in the Historic District of downtown Noblesville. We are slowly renovating our 120+ year old house and can't wait to see it completed. Also, we enjoy playing with our two cats (Millie-Grace and Poster-Nutbag) and our dog (Wilmont). They are great pets and we try to spoil them as much as possible. Besides our pets, we also enjoy gardening, antiquing, cooking, and just being around good friends. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by great people and communities, where I work and where I live.