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Lee Stone has a Master's degree in toxicology from Indiana University and is a certified Chemical Hygiene Officer. Lee has served as the Laboratory Safety Manager for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety since 2004.

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Please Remove Gloves Before Leaving the Laboratory

It is standard laboratory practice to remove all personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to exiting the laboratory. This prevents any possible contamination of public "clean" areas such as restrooms, elevators, offices, and cafeterias by material that may be present on the gloves.


Glove removal before exiting the laboratory also prevents alarming the public. Even if you know the gloves are clean when you are seen wearing gloves in the hallway, the general public perception is that you have been handling something that is possibly harmful to humans and the gloves you are wearing are contaminated. Furthermore, if you have been working with or handling potentially harmful materials, your gloves may be contaminated and you may not even know it!


The recommended method of transporting hazardous material is to utilize secondary containment. Secondary containment must be clean and uncontaminated and can range from plastic tubs, containers, or lab carts. This method allows your hands to be free from exposure to any hazardous material thus eliminating your need to wear gloves. If for some reason you need to wear gloves when transporting material please ensure one hand is glove free and use your glove free hand to manipulate and touch objects in public spaces such as elevator buttons and door handles.


Please see the following link for a sign that can be posted at your laboratory exit to remind everyone of the importance of removing your gloves prior to exiting. We will be reminding anyone spotted wearing gloves in the hallway to remove their gloves and if you witness anyone in the hallway wearing gloves, please contact me at 278-6150. Your call will remain confidential and will allow us to focus on areas where gloves are being seen in hallways.


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