By: K. Lee Stone


Lee Stone has a Master's degree in toxicology from Indiana University and is a certified Chemical Hygiene Officer. Lee has served as the Laboratory Safety Manager for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety since 2004.

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NEW GxP Training

GxP is an acronym that refers to the regulations established by the United States Food and Drug Administration which are published in the Code of Federal Regulations. Sometimes people refer to the "GCPs" which specifically were created as the rules that govern clinical trials vs. product manufacturing (GMPs) or laboratory regulations (GLPs). If you are conducting research in Indiana University laboratories you need to have an understanding of GxPs. Good Guidance Practices promote the traceability and accountability of data that create an environment conducive to quality research and ensure the integrity of your data.


Beginning September 10th GxP training will be offered by the Office of Research Administration every month on the second Monday of the month at 11:30 am immediately following Laboratory Safety Training in Lockefield Village Room 4401. You do not need to register for this training. If you are working in a laboratory, you will find the information provided during the training valuable and incorporation of good scientific practices can improve the quality of your research.


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