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Compliance Alert!

Does your hazardous waste look like the photograph above? Are all your waste containers closed and properly labeled? The Indiana Department of Environmental Management conducted a routine hazardous waste inspection on campus on June 14, 2013. A number of campus laboratories were found to have all too common compliance problems which ultimately led the agency to issue a formal Violation Letter to the campus – the first in nearly 25 years of similar inspections on campus. Please click here to find out how to avoid future fines and penalties and ensure your laboratory is in compliance to prevent it from being the next to be cited.


The Dangers of Clutter


At IUPUI, research is valued and supported. Laboratories are buzzing with activities in pursuit of important discoveries. However, with so much research activity, laboratory space can become a little cramped. Unless adequate care is given to maintain organization and tidiness, a cluttered laboratory can rapidly develop. Clutter often transpires into a workplace hazard. Therefore, we must be aware of the dangers that clutter may cause within a research laboratory and take proper steps to avoid a disorganized and messy work environment. Please click here to find out more on the importance of keeping your laboratory clutter free and preventing it from being an accident waiting to happen as seen in the picture below.

New Carboy Inventory Form for Dump-Jug Waste


It is extremely important that EHS personnel know all of the chemical constituents in a waste container in order to make accurate determinations for safe, compliant handling and disposal. Sometimes while working in the lab, it is difficult to keep track of all of the chemicals that get poured into a carboy. To assist with this, a new form (shown below) has been developed to keep track of the chemicals going into dump jugs.

Please click here to read about the new inventory form and also find instructions on how to ensure your dump jugs are in compliance.

Please click on photo for a larger view.

Lab Recycling Update

EHS routinely receives inquiries from campus labs regarding recycling opportunities for campus laboratories; especially the recycling of plastic, glass or metal chemical containers. EHS has evaluated the potential to recycle these items over the years and recently took a fresh look at the issue. Please click here to find out more about recycling in the laboratory.

Online GHS Training Required by December 1, 2013!

As discussed in previous editions of Lab Notes OSHA has amended the Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200) to align its requirements with the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Hazardous Chemicals, or GHS. The composition and formatting of all chemical labels and safety data sheets is changing so that chemical hazard information is easier to locate and is consistent across all chemical suppliers.

Because of these changes training is required for all employees who have the potential to come in contact with hazardous chemicals in the workplace, such as laboratory personnel. All laboratory personnel must take this training online by December 1, 2013. To read more about the training requirements please click here. For instructions on how to enroll in this short training course please click here. Please help us maintain OSHA compliance by taking this short online training session as soon as possible.

New Procedure for On The Job Injuries After Hours

Employees who are injured on the job during hours in which the IUPUI Health Services clinic is closed (nights after 5:00 p.m. and weekends) have three options for medical treatment depending on the nature of the injury:

1. Emergency — If the injury requires emergency medical treatment the employee must go to the IU Health Methodist Hospital Emergency Room. Note: All hazardous chemical exposures are considered emergencies.

2. Immediate Treatment — If the injury requires immediate medical attention employees are required to seek treatment at the IU Health‐Occupational Services Park Fletcher clinic located at 5603 West Raymond Street.

3. Next Business Day — If the injury is minor and can be tolerated until the next business day employees are required to go to IUPUI Health Services located in Coleman Hall.

Please click here to read more about this change as well as find a map directing you to the Park Fletcher clinic.






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