By: K. Lee Stone

Lee Stone has a Master's degree in toxicology from Indiana University and is a certified Chemical Hygiene Officer. Lee has served as the Laboratory Safety Manager for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety since 2004.

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Thermo Savant Refrigerated Vapor Trap Electrical Fire

We had a near miss in a laboratory that highlights the importance of reporting near misses. A Thermo Savant refrigerated vapor trap evaporator model RVT 4104-115 developed an internal short or electrical malfunction over a June weekend that caused the power cord to overheat and catch fire. The unit was in a chemical fume hood and we were fortunate that there was no other damage to the lab or surrounding equipment.

If you have a similar refrigerated vapor trap please ensure it is serviced properly and please report any near misses such as this so we can inform other laboratory personnel and potentially prevent an accident, fire or injury.

The photographs below were taken at the scene of the fire.





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