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Exploding Refrigerators in the News

img3There was a recent explosion in a University of South Florida Laboratory that made the news. The explosion occurred inside of a refrigerator with such force that the door of a full-sized refrigerator had been blown off and traveled 20 feet through the air across the entire laboratory where it shattered a window. I have not heard what the cause of this explosion was but there is a good chance it was the result of flammable chemicals improperly stored in a household refrigerator. Please click here to read more about the importance of ensuring you are storing your flammable chemicals that require refrigeration in the appropriate refrigerator.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Medication

Does spring cleaning at your house include disposal of unwanted or outdated medication? If not, you may want to consider that safe disposal of unwanted medication is important to help prevent accidental poisoning of children or pets, accidental ingestion of an incorrect or ineffective medication, and can help reduce environmental contamination. Please click here to find out more about how to properly dispose of your unwanted medication.


What's that Smell?


Have you noticed a periodic odor in your laboratory but you cannot seem to be able to identify it? Does it smell like decay or have a sewer smell or other indescribable stinky odor? If so, you may be smelling the sewer through a dry drain trap. Please click here to find out how to eliminate sewer odors in your laboratory.


Tornado Preparedness for Laboratories


As spring weather approaches, so does the potential for severe weather. Indiana is located in a region known as Tornado Alley where weather conditions can deteriorate to severe conditions or tornadoes rapidly.

As with any emergency, preparedness is your best defense. Please visit the following link to view our new and informative document on what to do if violent weather is near IUPUI. If you work in a lab please take note.




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