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Hazardous Materials Transportation Compliance Update


As part of an effort to standardize environmental health and safety compliance throughout the Indiana University (IU) system, the University has developed a new hazardous materials transportation compliance program. The program requires that all IU employees complete formal training before participating in any activity directly related to the shipment or transportation of hazardous materials. This includes any employee who selects packaging, prepares outgoing packages, offers hazardous materials to carriers such as FedEx or UPS, completes related shipping documents or transports a hazardous material in a University vehicle. Please click here for more information on this very important compliance program.

Time-Sensitive Compressed Gases

Special attention must be paid when using and storing certain corrosive compressed gases, as over time they can become extremely hazardous. These gases slowly react with moisture, causing corrosion of cylinder materials and forming hydrogen gas. The corrosive and toxic nature of these gases, as well as the high flammability of hydrogen gas pose additional hazards. However, good chemical hygiene can prevent accidents due to ruptured cylinders from occurring. Please click here to find out which gases are time-sensitive as well as how to store and when to dispose of them.

Chemical Waste Compliance Update

June 18, 2015 will mark two years since the campus last underwent a comprehensive inspection by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

The goal of IDEM is to ensure that facilities such as IUPUI which generate large volumes of regulated hazardous wastes are inspected once every two years. This spring will start the window of opportunity for when the campus should expect the next compliance inspection.

Please click here To see a photograph of properly managed hazardous waste in a laboratory and to learn more from Kevin Mouser about how to properly manage your hazardous waste.

Welcome Kara Sarchet

Please join us in welcoming Kara Sarchet. Kara is a new member of our laboratory biosafety team and has replaced Nicole Cloud as the Biological Safety Specialist for the IUPUI campus. I am confident you will be impressed with Kara's experience and knowledge as well as her friendly personality. Please click here to find out more about our new biosafety team member.

Tornado Preparedness for Laboratories


As spring weather approaches, so does the potential for severe weather. Indiana is located in a region known as Tornado Alley where weather conditions can deteriorate to severe conditions or tornadoes rapidly.

As with any emergency, preparedness is your best defense. Please visit the following link to view our informative document on what to do if violent weather is near IUPUI. If you work in a lab please take note.




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