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Fall 2010 Schedule


A Twelve Week Crash Course in Spiritual Cardiology


Week 1:  9/23-What is the heart

Week 2:  9/30-Signs and symptoms of a good heart

Week 3:  10/7-Signs and symptoms of a bad heart

Week 4:  10/14-Hardening of the spiritual arteries

Week 5:  10/21-Spiritual High blood pressure

Week 6:  10/28-Greedy heart disease

Week 7:  11/4-Exercise for your heart and spiritual training

Week 8:  11/11-Diet for your heart

Week 9:  11/18-Paul-A case study in heart transplant

Week 10:  12/2-David-A case study in heart repair

Week 11:  12/9-Dr. Luke details how to perform open heart surgery

Week 12:  12/16-Jesus-A case study of the only perfect heart in history