Indiana University fully supports the goals of the Indiana Lifeline Law. Make the Call. Get Help. Save a Life. Click for more information.

Don't be tricked into divulging ANY valuable or personal information—especially passphrases—over email, phone, instant message, the Web, or social media.

Learn about the advantages and risks of P2P filesharing, controlling what you share, and getting the most out of your software.

Active shooter situations evolve quickly and often occur with little to no warning. These tips and our video could be life-saving. Learn what to do, and what to expect from responding police officers.

Current Initiatives

Mobile security standards help protect University information

IU's mobile security standards include easy-to-follow steps to secure your mobile device with passcodes, PINs, and encryption. Do what you can to safeguard your device and data today.

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  • If you’re still shopping, my colleagues at Indiana University Public Safety and Institutional Assurance have offered some great suggestions -- in various price ranges -- for gifts that make thoughtful picks any time of the year.
  • The holiday season is a time of family, festivities and, of course, food, often in the form of pitch-ins (a.k.a. potlucks, buffets). But leaving food out for hours leaves the door open for uninvited guests: bacteria that could cause food-borne illnesses.
  • Debbi Fletcher, director of emergency management and continuity for IU Bloomington, and Jerry Minger, IU superintendent of public safety, took reader questions about IU Notify and campus safety.
  • With the holiday season moving into high gear, IU’s Programs Involving Children policy can get lost in the shuffle. PIC, however, is an important part of IU’s commitment to providing a safe environment for children involved with university-sponsored programs and activities and must be followed on all IU campuses.
  • Classes were not in session when a full-scale active shooter exercise was conducted at IU Bloomington on Nov. 25. But students and IU employees don’t need a formal exercise to think about possible actions they can take during a shooter scenario.
  • This time of year is synonymous with colds, viruses and other nasty “bugs” that can make you sick. In addition to getting a flu vaccine, it’s a good time to review basic health and hygiene practices that can help protect against numerous illnesses.
  • In response to understandably heightened campus concerns, IUPD will augment BPD coverage of areas within 2-3 blocks of campus
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