Keeping IU secure

Indiana University is committed to providing the greatest possible degree of safety for all members of the university community. Protect IU makes it easy for you to find all the information you need to know about health, safety, security, and preparedness.

Protect IU is managed by IU Public Safety, and provides information related to the units and departments listed below.

Indiana University Emergency Management and Continuity (IUEMC) is dedicated to keeping the IU community prepared and resilient. IUEMC staff provide timely updates about campus emergencies through IU-Notify, as well as information about personal preparedness, emergency procedures, and business continuity planning.

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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) promotes and supports a safe, healthy workplace and natural environment at Indiana University. EHS staff provide leadership, technical assistance, and training in areas such as occupational safety, environmental management, and public health.

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Physical Security and Access staff evaluate physical security and privacy safeguards used in facility projects and respond to requests for facility physical security information. Generally, physical security safeguards can include facility design, video surveillance, electronic card readers, small space emergency alarms, and additional facility protective devices and strategies. 

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The Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) is a full-service law enforcement agency. IUPD staff work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of IU students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors.

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The University Information Security Office (UISO) maintains a resilient, secure information technology (IT) infrastructure at Indiana University. UISO staff publish security bulletins and provide awareness and education about IT security. The UISO works closely with the University Privacy and Information Policy Office.

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The University Information Policy Office (UIPO) develops and interprets policies about information, information technology, and privacy through the university’s Information Security and Privacy Program. The UIPO staff track privacy and policy incidents and ensure appropriate responses. The UIPO also provides privacy tools and education to the university community. The UIPO works closely with the University Information Security Office.

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